10 Top Winterization Tips for Midwest Homeowners

The Midwest can dish up some pretty extreme winter weather. Use these tips on your check sheet this season, then call your local home repair services Grove City Ohio to get your home ready for the approaching cold weather.

  1. home handyman grove cityMake sure that all screens have been removed and replaced with glass storm doors and windows. If there are any that are in need of repair, most hardware stores are able to accommodate you.
  2. Check all guttering for signs of blockage due to leaves and twigs. Point all downspouts away from the home’s foundation to insure no water build-up and moisture problems.
  3. Turn on your furnace before it is needed and shake loose any dust and particles that could have settled. Next, change the furnace filter.
  4. Secure the air intakes, such as dryer vents, with heavy-duty mesh. The critters from outdoors are going to be desperate for a way indoors and can tear away thin screening.
  5. Drain and store outdoor hoses. Having a water-filled hose is an invitation for a burst and worthless hose next spring. It could also have a negative effect on an attached spigot.
  6. Visit the attic. When was the last time you were in the attic to check for adequate insulation? While looking around, you could also discover signs of varmints, chewed wiring or insect infestations. Or get on the schedule of Grove City handyman services and allow them to thoroughly check out this space.
  7. Feel walls and corners for drafts and plug all cracks or small holes with caulking. Areas like cable entry and window edges can be an open source for cold air to enter.
  8. Wrap pipes in crawl spaces. Why wait until until it is below zero outdoors to discover that your water pipes are froze? An ounce of prevention is well worth this trouble. A local handyman service can perform this duty easily.
  9. Insulate floor boards in basements. While basements can offer a deterrent against cold air, having a warm floor can make your home feel more comfortable without you turning up the heat.
  10. Add a programmable thermostat. By scheduling times for your thermostat to readjust to sleeping or having your home empty for hours at a time, you can save considerably on energy consumption and bills.

Keep your list close to your replacement furnace filters or posted on the inside of a closet door. Be diligent in following your check list and call Grove City handyman services if you need additional help.

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