What is a Handyman

handyman service grove city ohioA handyman defined by Merriam Webster is: ” a person who does odd jobs “.

Well, in Grove City, your local handyman is much more than that! Grove City Handyman Services are competent professionals that can handle just about any size task, repair or home improvement efficiently and with fair and reasonable costs. We are reliable and trustworthy and will get the job done right for your home.

So, How Do You Hire a Handyman? Better yet, how do you hire a local handyman that you can trust?
Hiring a handyman is similar to hiring a landscaper, accountant, real estate agent or lawyer or any type of professional service. There are a number of things to keep in mind when interviewing a handyman.

Ask for references. Recent clients of a handyman is a great way to learn about their reputation and credibility. Anyone proud of their work history will be happy to produce references upon request. Look on line as well.  See if there are any public reviews and ratings.

How much does it cost to hire a handyman? This is obviously going to be determined by the size of the job you need completed at your home. If the job is small, its best to explain the taks and ask for a quote over the phone. If the job requires an in-person visit then ask the handyman (or handywoman) if they charge by the job or by the hour. If purchasing new product is needed ask for a quote on the product as well as the labor.

What kind of jobs can a handyman perform?  Ask them about their experience and how long they have been doing this type of work and if they have ever performed similar jobs in the past. We have a list of local handyman services available here.

How to find a handyman? Well, we think you just did!
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